gregory seán sheehan
lough bray

Although firmly anchored in the unique topography of a particular landscape, these works from 1999 do not depict the landscape in a realistic, geographical, or pictorial sense.

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objecta arboria

Avoiding the sheer darkness of mountain turf I often found myself adding colour for comfort. The later pieces in the objecta arboria series are dark — getting directly to the heart of the matter.

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Georg Hoppenstedt & Gregory Seán Sheehan
Galerie vom Zufall und vom Glück


08. Juni — 04. Juli 2021

mythical birds

I imagined this painting completed way back in 1987.
Since then it has been regularly modified, reworked and re-imagined,
developing and evolving on its own terms.

This short video documents the modification process.
The inspiration came during a magnificent dawn-chorus in May 2020.


Re-edited in December 2018, this short video is about a sense of place and inspiration.
The footage was taken on a visit to the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains in 2017.
The objects and paintings evolved subsequently.

Music: © petroglyph-music Ulises Labaronnie | A place in the silence

terra incognita

This short video Terra incognita was put together as a visual accompaniment
to the exhibition of the same name – on show at the Kuenstlerhaus Goettingen,
Germany, 2016.

Music and audio: © David Begley | County Wexford, Ireland.

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