gregory seán sheehan
terra incognita
Künstlerhaus Göttingen
Göttingen, Germany.
14th January — 14th February 2016

Bark, blossoms, branches, fruits, leaves, grasses, mosses, seeds, transmute year after year, being compressed and composted — accumulating slowly layer upon layer, over periods of thousands upon thousands of years. All part and parcel of natural processes — all very ordinary really.

Even so, Sheehan’s deductions are interwoven with ambiguity, curiosity, and mixed with an equally large portion of fascination and respect.

An artist’s talk with Gregory Seán Sheehan takes place at 16:00 on Sunday 14th of February. Moderation: Erhart Schröter, Künstlerhaus Göttingen.

Objecta arborea LXXI

Acrlyic, granite, turf on linen
33 x 43 cm | 2013

Objecta arborea XVI

Acrylic, granite und turf on wood panel
20 x 30 cm | 2009

Introductory talk

Erhart Schröter
Künstlerhaus Göttingen

Exhibition view

Exhibition view

Arboretum cogitatum LXXV

Acrlyic, granite, turf on linen
67 x 67 cm | 2015

Objecta arboria LXXII

Acrlyic, granite, turf on linen
40 x 33 cm | 2013
This short video Terra incognita was put together as a visual accompaniment to the exhibition of the same name – on show at the Kuenstlerhaus Goettingen, Germany, 2016.

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